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Lundazi is one of the largest Districts in the Eastern part of Zambia. The District occupies an area of 14 068 Km Sq. The District shares boundaries with Chama District to the north, Mpika District to the West, Chipata District to the South, Mambwe District to the Southwest and the Republic of Malawi to the East.

The District has a total population of 296,560 with the growth rate of 2.6 per annum. The majority are female with a population of 150 148 while males have a population of 146 412. A large number of these populations live in the rural District and the rest in the Administrative Centre of the District.

The main ethnic groups found in Lundazi are Tumbuka and Chewa speaking people. The Ngonis are the minority although their influence is quite considerable. Tumbuka is the most widely spoken language in the District, but as for tradition and cultural practices the Chewa and the Ngonis are more predominant. There is also a very small minority ethnic grouping of Bisa and Senga speaking people. In terms of population concentrations the Chewas are the most populous grouping in the District.

Lundazi district is rich in the following animal species:

- Aardwolf Buffalo Impala
- Ant bear Bush Pig Jackal
- Antelope Roan Grysbok Kudu
- Antelope Sable Hartebeest Leopard
- Caracal Honey Badger Lion
- Cheetah Hyena Monitor Lizard
- Civet Hippopotamus Otter Porcupine
- Elephant Klipspringer Porcupine
- Eland Monkey Vervent Blue Reedbuck
- Duiker Pangotin Warthog
- Bush Buk Python Waterbuck
- Baboon Chacma Wildebeest Wildcat
- Zebra

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