P.O Box 530230 Lundazi.
Mobile: +260 977 219 239 and 0955 430 547
rfdpzambia@gmail.com and mathias@risingfountains.org
Change the life of a child from poverty
and give them hope!
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Living on one unbalanced meal a day, with no proteins or vitamins, more than 200 children in rural areas of Lundazi, Zambia are living under poverty.Their parents have died from HIV/AIDS or related diseases and are now living with little or no hope for a future.

Rising Fountain Development Program can help these children experience the fullness of life God offers. Join Rising Fountain Development Program and individuals all over the world as we seek to bring compassion and justice to Zambia's poorest Children.Sponsor a child and give them an oportunity they rightfully diserve.

We commit ourselfs to provide the following if you sponsor a child.
1) To provide regular updates on the child
2) To send you photos of the child and give you an opportunity to get to know the child personally.
3) To account for every penny that is sent for the child

Maria Mwale,
Grade: 9,
Wish list : Finish school, Nice blanket and bed, Clothes to wear to church, To help my parents
John Nguni
Age : 13
Grade: 7
Wish list : Going to school, School shoes, Bicycle, Ice cream
Simon Nguni
Age : 11
Grade : 6
Wish list : Going to school, Football shoes, Good food
Joy Nyirenda
Age : 15
Grade : 8
Wish list : Going to school, My mother getting a job so that she can help us
Soria Nyirenda
Age : 11
Grade : 5
Wish list : To become a singer, To go to school, To visit my family
Freezer Sakala
Age : 9
Grade : 3
Wish list : Going to school, Clothes, Shoes for church
RFDP - Rising Fountains Development Program, Zambia