P.O Box 530230 Lundazi.
Mobile: +260 977 219 239 and 0955 430 547
rfdpzambia@gmail.com and mathias@risingfountains.org
Change the life of a child from poverty
and give them hope!
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Rising Fountains Development Program (RFDP) offers many benefits and services to our members:
  • Our newsletter, Kuunika, published nine times a year, keeps you up-to-date on issues that are important to vulnerable people and describes specific actions you can take to help reduce poverty
  • An opportunity to sign up for KUUNIKA, our e-mail newsletters 
  • Invitations to participate in local Rising Fountains Development Program events and workshops. 
  • Volunteer opportunities to people interested to volunteer at RFDP in various areas of their interest and expertise Volunteer opportunities.
Help us keep in touch with you:
If you need to make a name or address correction or if you have a question about your membership please send an email to risingfountain@yahoo.com

Join us.  
Rising Fountains Development Program (RFDP) is a Local Non Governmental, non profit making organization based in Lundazi District of the Eastern part of Zambia. RFDP is committed to the improvement of quality of life of the vulnerable populations in Zambia.

When you join Rising Fountains Development Program (RFDP) your voice becomes more effective.  
Rising Fountains Development Program members make a difference!  Year after year, RFDP members have won far-reaching changes for poor people. RFDP has also helped to strengthen the lives of disadvantaged children by assisting thousands of children, in this country who struggle to better their lives through education.
Join us in our effective anti-poverty efforts!
RFDP - Rising Fountains Development Program, Zambia