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John Fuhrman Departure
On Tuesday 26th August John Fuhrman, our international volunteer from the USA left RFDP. The team at the office were very sad to see him go, as he had contributed so much to the organization. He worked incredibly hard over the last three months, giving RFDP guidance that will change the attitude of
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Fiona’s Arrival
On 21st August our new international volunteer, Fiona Robertson, flew in from the UK. Mr Zimba travelled to Lusaka to meet her from the airport. Monday was her first day in the office, which coincided with John’s last. In fact the timing was perfect, as it gave John a chance to introduce Fiona
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Water and Sanitation
Throughout this month RFDP constructed two pit latrines and rehabilitated two water wells in Chitungulu chiefdom with funding from Limavady Parish of Ireland. This is in line with one of several of the organisation’s goals of improving access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities
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Zambian News
On Tuesday 19th August the Zambian President Dr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa died of a stroke in hospital in France. He was attending an African Union meeting in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. Although there had been previous scares about his health after he suffered a stroke earlier this year, he continued to work
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RFDP strengthens partnerships with three organizations:
One- Moment  http://one-moment.org/
ANIR Experience  http://www.anirfoundation.org/2009_Scheduled_Programs.html
Virtual Doctors
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RFDP welcomes our new volunteer, John Fuhrman
After jumping from country to country over the past few years, John has seen that some people don't have doctors, and he wants to do something about that. He plans to become a physician to serve those who have none. After reading about Rising Fountains on the web and talking with the director, going
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Helping families sustain livelihoods
In Lundazi area, particularly the valley -severe floods disrupted the lives of many people such as Headman Chipangula. Mr.Chipanula like many other local farmers lost most if not all of his crop including infrastructure and housing. Unfortunately, more rain is predicted during the final months of the
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RFDP says farewell to “musungus”(moo-sue-goose)
RFDP said farewell to three volunteers Jeannie (Ireland), Jossee (Canada) and Anna (Australia). Popularly known as “musungus (white people) by children, the girls truly proved how invaluable the partnership has been for RFDP; setting the ground for the organizations’ future
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Upcoming Volunteers
During the second quarter of the Fiscal year 2008, RFDP is receiving four international volunteers:

John Fuhrman – USA (June). John will involved with the HIV/AIDS and Health Sector program.

Chet Prasad Uprety –USA- (July)
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